The Chinese Take A Keen Interest In New Zealand

Chinese visitors have begun to see the value in visiting New Zealand and for many, it tops their bucket list. On a level-footing with France, New Zealand is ranked third among all the countries as a place first-time travelling tourists would like to visit within the next twelve month period. Last year the country was in the top ten ranking when considering the place where Chinese tourists felt most welcome. It is the Chinese patrons born after 1990, the millennials, that are most eager to take the trip across the ocean and across the world. It is this age group that increased their expenditure by 80% in the last year and grasping the full advantage of a positive exchange rate.

2019 – The Year Of New Zealand/Chinese Tourism

Wellington is at the top of many of the tourists wish lists, closely followed by Auckland and Queenstown. Both China and New Zealand hope the new year will bring with it more travel between the two countries. New Zealand has only benefited from a small percentage of tourists who travelled during last year. However, the new year promises to boost that percentage somewhat. China is filled with a new generation who thirsts for knowledge and the thrill of the experiences New Zealand has to offer. 2019 is the year that everything changes.

Natural Attractions Still Tops

Of all the experiences you can be part of in New Zealand, the natural beauty of the country is what remains the biggest attraction. Glaciers such as the Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier are at the top of the most wanted attraction list. The beauty and splendour of Milford Sound remain a profitable market and the surrounding beauty and treasures held within the Fiordland National Park are a bucket list favourite. The activities presented to visitors as a means of exploring provide and adventure thrill that none can ignore.