Pet-Friendly Policy – A Barking Success

A new pet is an inclusion to your family that will be there for years to come. These furry additions creep into your heart and the attachment is almost unbreakable. Getting a new pet can be as stressful as a new baby, or so they say at least. Your new pet has just arrived home and you have to go to work. While it can be traumatic for you, for the animal it is probably more so. While it may have been absurd to think of in the past, New Zealand companies are taking their staffs best interest to heart. Airsorted in New Zealand has implemented a pet leave of sorts, a week of paid leave to settle your new addition in.

Happy Pets – Healthy Pets

Just as a new baby requires time to settle in the new home, the same goes for furry babies. The first week with the new addition has benefits that are far-reaching. According to the SPCA spokesperson, the less stressed a pet is and the more comfortable and safe they feel, the less likely they are to become ill. Besides the cost implications of a sick pet, the stress involved is considerable and why, when it could be avoided. Airsorted has realized that what’s important to their staff is their pets and that’s the bottom line of it.


Since the inception of the pet-friendly policy by Airsorted, Flossie, a two-year-old Toy Poodle has been the mascot. Flossie and her dog-sitter David Bach have a bond that is visibly present. David has praised the inclusion of the policy in the work environment. He feels that gaining a new pet shouldn’t interfere with your work or your normal leave just as having a baby wouldn’t. He and Flossie are reaping the benefits of the Airsorted policy addition. For those without pets, the seed is planted and they are beginning to wonder if a pet is a way to go.