New Zealand – Pay Before You Enter

New Zealand is fast becoming a tourist hotspot and the need to improve the infrastructure and facilities has become essential. Of course, funds are always a concern where expenditure is concerned. Imposing various taxes and fees is usually the way countries accumulate the needed money to undertake the necessary changes and that’s exactly what New Zealand will be doing. The proposed tourist tax of NZ$35 will be paid by tourists entering the country. The money raised will be used towards improving infrastructure and undertaking conservation projects in the country to preserve the natural environment enjoyed by the tourists.

In The Name of Profit

Since 2017, tourism in the country has increased by 8 per cent. The increase in people visiting the country, coupled with the tourist tax will be extremely profitable for the country. There has been some negative reaction to the proposed taxation. While many countries do charge departure fees and visa fees, there aren’t any who charge you to enter the tourist destination, according to Simon Calder a travel correspondent for The Independent. He has aired his views regarding the tax saying that unfortunately the treasury may begin to see the tax as an easy source of income and he fears that it will soon be raised.

Positive Feedback

Its not all negative where the tax is concerned, Paul Carberry, a specialist travel advisor, has stated that the surge of tourists in to the country has put strain on the infrastructure and the proposed tax will be used towards projects aimed at improving it, it will also be used for conservation projects which will preserve the animal and plant species that the tourists enjoy. In the long term, the small tax imposed will be for the benefit of those visiting the country. Of course, there will be some exclusions to the tax with permanent residents, Australian citizens and a few other selected people being eligible to forfeit their payment of the levy.