New Zealand is rising as a tourist attraction, and visitors are queuing up to see the natural wonders, the historical sights, and the amazing wildlife within its shores. The truth is that there really is no bad time to take your vacation in New Zealand, however, some periods may offer a better experience than others. Visitors frequent the country from all over the world. Tourists from the USA frequent the area for many reasons. New Zealand is slightly smaller in size to California in the USA, and differences in climate between the North and South can be fiercely contrasting.

Seasons Diverse and Equally Magnificent

Summer falls during December, January and February. This is the time of year when tourists frequent the country most often, and it is also the time of year when most New Zealanders take time off for rest and relaxation. March, April and May bring the Fall. This time of year holds a beauty of its own. – The perfect time for a vacation; all the Summer crowds have departed, and off-peak rates apply. The weather is fantastic. In June, July and August, the Winter festivities begin. The snow creates winter spectacles that are gorgeous, and skiing is very popular. Lake Tekapo is best seen in the light of Spring during September, October and November. – Tour the Takahe South Island, and witness the traditional Haka.

The Best Time?

Any time of the year is great for a New Zealand visit. The temperate weather provides an environment that is perfect for a dream holiday. The Fall and Spring are best if you enjoy the heat by day, but prefer cooler evenings. You will also enjoy lower airfares and off-peak prices throughout at this time of year. The festivities of Christmas, although breathtaking, come at a price. Prices skyrocket, as with any other country, during this period, and airfares go through the roof.