Levies – More Good Than Bad

The call to increase the proposed visitors’ levy is a loud one. A spokesperson from the regional tourism advocacy group has voiced their concerns that the levy is not sufficient to accommodate the growing needs of the industry. Consultations regarding the proposed levy of between $25 and $35 end on Sunday. Regional Tourism has put forward a submission to various departments calling for the accumulated funds to be spent on conservation in the country. The amount which is expected to be raised by the imposing of the levy is a substantial one but probably not enough to fund the requirements that the region has, especially if a conservation project is to be added to the mix.

Facilities Required From The Funding

Facilities are in desperate demand in the region. This kind of infrastructure isn’t cheap to build or maintain and without a sustainable source of funding, in the long-term it won’t be possible. Having to split the funding between the need for the facilities and the need for conservation is not an easy task. Projects have not yet been identified in order for a final decision to be made. The funds accumulated have to be spent wisely in order to maximize usage. While it ups the country and the powers, that being as to where the money goes, the tourists who are visiting the country should have some sort of say in what they’d like to see as a result of their money spent.

Regional vs Centralized

Many of the regions have made it clear that having their own funding source through regional tourist levies is the way to go. In this way, local regions would be solely responsible for tourism in their own areas. Funds from a centralized system often take time to be paid and there are always protests as to where the money goes. Confidence is high that the imposing of such a levy will not deter customers from visiting the country.