Cox Takes New Zealand Tourism To New Heights

New Zealand is a gorgeous tourist destination that is filled with natural beauty and some wonderful landmark sights. Recently, it is the surge in the wealthy tourist population that has seen an increase and they are expecting more from the New Zealand hospitality industry. While the economy has been on a downward slide all over the world, it is extremely wealthy who don’t seem to be affected. New Zealand is a safe haven destination for most and they need to monopolize on that reputation. The fact that New Zealand has become a firm favourite among the elite and wealthy has warranted changes to the market on offer.

Cox Coins The Market

Multimillionaire, Christchurch born, Andrew Cox has seen an opening and targeted it. Imperium Collection, his company, already monopolize the industry catering or the elite through his two hotels, lakeside apartments, two restaurants, private residence and the Eichardt’s Bar. He, however, took it a step further when he bought Pacific Jemm, a luxury yacht as a way of creating new experiences and memorable moments for the visitors. He has claimed that the luxury tourism market is the one area that is recession proof and that the Pacific Jemm will continue to allow guests to discover why New Zealand is a world-class destination of choice.

Not All Frills

While many of the ultra-rich do want to be lavished, there are those who are seeking a more down to earth and natural experience. They are hoping to experience the natural wonder of the country and the true heritage of the people. Hiking, hunting, a traditional Maori welcome and cooking classes have all been experiences these kinds of ultra-rich tourists have thoroughly enjoyed. Luxury accommodation and lavish meals are part of their everyday regime and for this experience, they wanted something different. On many occasions, guests have left in tears at the wonder of how transformational the experience was.