Most people when looking for a hotel to stay at on vacation will look for reviews on websites like TripAdvisor to help them make the best decision. While this CAN be beneficial, it’s important that you take everything you read with a grain of salt. There is no question that many of these reviews are genuine and will tell you the good/bad points of a hotel but there are many reviews out there that cannot be trusted. There are a couple of reasons why a review might not be true, so let’s consider them.

Some people might have a grudge against a hotel for the silliest reasons like somebody they don’t like working there. This could cause them to write a bad review, tarnishing the whole reputation of the establishment, without even having stayed there! While bad reviews could be fake, there is a chance that good ones are too. There are many stories of staff members writing their own reviews to put their hotel in a better light. Apparently, some people can also be paid or given a discount to write positive reviews. While it’s not known how often this happens, keep your guard up slightly when reading reviews especially if they seem too good to be true.

With the world of social media that we live in sometimes what seems like a reality, isn’t. The best way that you can get a genuine opinion of a hotel is to visit their website, call them to ask questions and trust the opinion of friends/family who has visited the hotel. Of course, if an establishment has a positive reputation, they are probably worth taking a risk on. The only way to truly know how good a hotel is going to be is to try it for yourself and there are many amazing ones in New Zealand.