Camp Glenorchy, Sustainable Living With A Touch Of Luxury

In a world where resources are being depleted on a daily basis and climate change is taking its toll on the environment, creating a self-sustaining living space has become the focus of many. New Zealand has hit the record books with the first sustainable camp in the Southern Hemisphere and possibly the world. Camp Glenorchy, which is a collection of cabins which are situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu in the area of Queenstown. New Zealand is already proving to be a tourist hub and this new venture is sure to have the tourists lining up to enter the border.

Magnificent Design Detail

The camp which is run by New Zealand in Depth relies on nobody for water or electricity, it is completely self-sufficient. The design has been completed according to the guidelines set out in the Living Building Challenge. This is considered the highest level of sustainability throughout the world. The design was carried out with in-depth thought and by making use of sustainable practices and natural materials. The conservation of resources has been an important factor throughout. The solar garden which holds a whopping 600 solar panels is enough to power the camp with surplus available for use in the winter months.

The Camp In All Its Glory

The camp houses seven cabins and two bunkhouses which have all been built with recycled timber, the kitchens are fitted with induction cooker tops. Toilet facilities are completely conservation inclined, no flushing is required in the self-composting toilets. Those who venture to the camp will have full use of the communal kitchen, dining area as well as a sunroom. The gorgeous surroundings can be taken in from the deck which overlooks the greenery, Mount Alfred and the Earnslaw Glacier. There is nothing short in this luxury camp and the addition of artworks and sculptures from all over the country has made this a truly Kiwi experience.